The Power of Being

IMG_0587 We lost our dog, Floyd this week. We only had him in our family for about a year and a half. Within days, maybe even hours, he was our dog and we loved him as if we had known him forever. He was a little King Charles Cavalier who resembled a stuffed animal. Floyd reminded me of a cute old man. He snored passionately at times waking the whole house and the last few months walked very slowly. While outside, he seemed to savor the smell of the air and adored just sitting in the sun. He slept in my son's bed keeping him warm and safe at a time when Will was having nightmares and did not like being alone in his room. Floyd changed that.

Although it was nothing that he did that made us love him so much. It was simply the presence and energy he brought into our home. We felt good and loved when he was with us. In return, all he really wanted was our unconditional love and food. The love part was easy when he was behaving and perhaps a bit more challenging when we first got him and he would run down the street or hop up on our dining room table and help himself to remaining crumbs. Come to think of it, he made cleaning much easier. His favorite food choices were chicken, steak, anything Phoebe had and bacon. Sounds a bit like my brother. He also enjoyed riding in the car with his head out the window. He would smile with eyes closed as his ears flapped in the wind.

There is a void now in our house. Floyd radiated love and sweetness and right now that energy is missing. In its place, we have happy memories and a reminder for me early this morning as to what is most important in life. A good friend challenged me recently to attend a party and not ask anyone what they did. I really like this idea because it doesn't matter. Maya Angelo said, "People may not remember exactly what you said, or did, but they will remember always remember how you made them feel." Floyd made us feel loved and we are forever grateful to him for allowing us to love him.