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"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

- Marianne Williamson

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Hi, I'm Lindsay and I created Sit and Smile six years ago as a way to share my voice as a seeker, deep feeler, sensitive soul and student of human growth and development. My sincere intention is to make you smile, maybe even laugh, feel less alone, and hopefully even inspire you to love and accept yourself as the wonderful and complicated human being you are. Sit and Smile is dedicated to pondering all of the meaty, messy, meaningful, sacred stuff.

I have written in journals my whole life and believe writing (and reading) to be hugely therapeutic. This is especially true during the dark, sad, and scary times. Writing has helped me cope with anxiety, depression, the immense and overwhelming suffering in the world, the transition to parenthood, and the intense grief of losing my parents. I have learned that that which is personal is also collective. We are connected in a myriad of ways and as social creatures, it is essential for our mental, emotional, and spiritual health to do this life work together. When we share truthfully, exposing our limitations and vulnerabilities, we unleash a great, healing energy that not only helps heal our wounds, but helps others heal too. 

In addition, to identfying as a writer, I am a wife and mom of three children. I also have a Masters of Arts degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University. Since completing my degree, I have been working with clients as a life coach and women's circle facilitator. My work is centered around matters of the soul and helping others find more meaning, authenticity, and peace in their lives.

No matter what you may be going through right now, there is always the opportunity for healing and growth. Like you, I struggle. Sometimes I lose my temper or feel paralyzed by insecurities, fear, and anxiety.  I make mistakes and then try again. But I believe strongly in the healing power of sharing our stories and simply showing up with our beautiful imperfections in tow. This mysterious thread that tethers us together as well as the guidance we receive from outside of ourselves, is what keeps me inspired and hopeful. As an ongoing student of spirituality, positive psychology, creative expression, mindfulness, and human growth and development, I would be honored and grateful to work with you. 

My approach to personal coaching and facilitating circles, is to help you access the great wisdom you have within. Together, we will create the clarity and confidence to help you move in the direction of health and happiness by learning to access your creativity and intuition. It is both about accepting the life we already live and creating the life we yearn to live. I will encourage you to make choices born from love and remind you every step of the way what a miracle you are. No matter what, there is always more right with you than wrong, and we are much more than our diagnoses, flaws, and circumstances. You are already whole and worthy of living a vibrant life imbued with peace, profound joy, connection, and deep meaning. 

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May you always find something to smile about,




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