circle questions

coaching questions

What about the circles, they interest me but I often feel shy opening up in front of others and don't always like divulging my secrets?

There is no pressure to share. And no need to divulge anything you aren't comfortable sharing with others. You don't have to say a thing! But please know the space we create is so warm and inviting, accepting, and loving that you may just find yourself wanting to talk! There is great freedom in knowing, sharing, and letting go of the stories we tell ourselves that often hold us back. This takes courage and it is often very rewarding! 

What happens when the circle ends?

The good thing about a circle is it never ends! You will have a new group of awesome women/soul sisters that you can contact and connect with anytime. You will also have access to an active and closed facebook group to continue the support and collaboration cultivated during our time together. I continuously offer opportunities for such gatherings as book groups, intention setting, art and journal writing dates. Every gathering is an opportunity to engage in meaningful, heart-opening and sometimes life altering conversation, community, and ritual! 

How often do you offer 6 week circles?

It depends on the demand but usually between 2 - 4 times a year. They are around 7 - 10 women in the group and you are strongly encouraged to come to every session. There are no drop-ins during these 6 week sessions but you are welcome to participate in as many 6 week circles as you like. Although, there are similar threads in every circle, I introduce fresh ideas and different exercises to keep it new and interesting.  

I look forward to sharing this awakening, liberating, and loving experience with you! 

Why is it necessary to do 3 sessions, can't I just book one?

I have found the most important aspects of a successful coaching session is intention, accountability, and a strong desire to create change. This does not happen in one session. True, lasting transformation takes work, commitment, and time. 

What sets you apart from other coaches?

Thanks for considering working with me as I know there are many coaches out there. At my heart, I am easy going, grounded, and like to have fun, reminding you that sometimes the best thing we can do is lighten up and not take everything so seriously. I like to laugh but I also like to talk about the deep stuff. My graduate degree in Transpersonal Psychology is essentially the bridge between psychology and spirituality. I am most passionate about spirituality, matters of the soul, and living a life abundant in meaning and true fulfillment. I believe when we feel lost or sense a deep yearning within, we must first address what is going on in our heart and soul. I do not have the answers but I believe you do! And I've got lots of good questions and helpful insights to help you get there.

What is the different between coaching and therapy?

I am a big believer in traditional therapy also referred to as psychotherapy and mental health counseling. Mental health and wellness is of the utmost importance to me. We need to talk about mental health the same way we talk about physical health. We have physical check ups, why not mental/emotional check ups? I am not a therapist. But if we are working together and I think therapy may be of benefit to you (because I believe it is helpful for most of us) I may recommend therapy. An example of this is if you tell me you are struggling in your marriage, while I am happy to work with you on personal goals, it would likely be beneficial to you and your partner to work with a licensed psychologist or mental health counselor specializing in couples counseling. Coaching is great during times of transition for focusing on making the most of every day and getting extra love and support along the way. 

What do you mean when you say work? 

This isn't work work and this kind of home work is fun and fulfilling. And in order for you to get the most out of our time together, it is imperative that you do it! This might include making a list of what you most love, practicing a few minutes of mindfulness meditation, learning how to stop, pause, and take a few deep breaths or watching a TED talk. I promise these homework aka heartwork assignments are helpful and designed to be impactful. Especially if you are interested in personal growth and wellness. 

What is one word you would use to describe yourself and your work as a coach?

Fun Loving.  My coaching practice is about leading the most vibrant, authentic, meaningful, and joyful life possible! 

Where do coaching sessions take place?

Coaching sessions take place at a mutually-agreed upon location. We'll work together to determine the best location for our sessions.