Staying in the Sun

Image Today as I walked my dog, I saw a big chalkboard in front of someone’s house that read 12 days till Christmas! I love Christmas day, but so much of what feels magical about this time of year is leading up to the holiday.  Every year when I was little my mom would give me a chocolate Advent calendar. I was desperate for the next day to arrive just so I could see what kind of chocolate awaited me…a moon, a train, a teddy bear, I loved those Advent calendars. Now I just try and be with whatever treat resides in today, although I would never turn down a daily dose of chocolate!

After my walk, I sat on the couch and pondered over a few topics to write about. But nothing jumped out at me, no words begged to be written. So I went over to Facebook and saw this quote from my dear friend and fellow graduate student: “What we are waiting for is not as important as what happens to us while we are waiting. Trust the process.”

Seeing this reminded me of when my yoga teacher used to tell me that the transitions between the yoga postures were as important as the postures themselves.

So as I drove from errand to errand, I forgot all of these goodies and was completely distracted by my busyness. I know I was breathing because I am still alive but I don’t remember it. Sometimes “keeping busy” has kept me focused and has resulted in a productive, and satisfying sense of completion. And for some people, they do their best work when busy. But for me there are times when busyness has led me away from the task of listening and staying anchored to what my soul is trying to tell me in the moment.

Another wise friend, artist, and classmate, Stephanee shared this with me recently and I have thought about it almost daily. It reminds me of the importance of taking time to be, to follow my sun, and trust the process knowing the day will lead me to exactly where I am meant to be.

I wake clear & rested, light flooding my room. The day seems endless & free. But making coffee, I notice three bills I haven’t paid, & after showering, I notice I need a haircut, & since I’ll be out that way, I think I might as well pick up my shirts. But I so want to spend time in the sun. So I think, well, after these errands, I’ll go to the park, & then I deliberate which park will be just right & decide on one forty minutes away. Finally, wanting to make sure there is some fun in all of this, I call a friend & plan to meet her at a movie at six. Now I have to hurry along to make sure I can get everywhere on time. But, thankful, while gassing up, I hear a small bird & lift my head just as a cloud opens & the light floods my mind, & I drop all my plans like change on the ground. I laugh at myself. I can so easily become a slave to a schedule I create. Not one of these things is necessary today. I drop everything & follow the bird into the sun…..Mark Nepo

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With deep gratitude to Jenny and Stephanee for their continued support, encouragement and love.