10 questions to ask yourself today

Image I am tired of writing and reading my writing at this moment. I finished a first draft of a twenty-page paper this week and need a rest from words especially mine.

So this post is about what you have to say. The below questions are big ones that I have been asked and or questions I like to ask. If you are feeling so inclined, take out a piece of paper and write your answers down. Don’t think, just write from the heart. If you are worried about someone reading your answers, shred them up!

And if you want to share any of your answers with me, I would love to hear them. Who knows they may even show up in a blog someday. Or better yet, they help you see something from a different perspective. It it like Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz when she says to Dorothy, "You've always had the power my dear, you've had it all along."

1) How do you want others to remember you when you are gone?

2) What in life brings you joy?

3) What did you love to do as a child?

4) Can you learn to love yourself exactly as you are in this moment for the rest your life?

5) What are your unique gifts/contributions to the world?

6) How can you be of service to others?

7) What would you do differently if you knew your life would end in six months?

8) What have you always wanted to try but have come up with a million excuses not to?

9) What is your personal definition of God, soul, spirituality, love?

10) What do you like most about yourself?