25 random things about me

This is my first assignment from an online course I am taking called Brave Blogging. The assignment is to write this list without thinking too much. Here is what came out. Be forewarned, it is ridiculous. It was also so much fun to do. Try it! And share if you are feeling so inclined.  


  1. My sister paid me $100 to dance to "Hot Hot Hot" one night at a restaurant in Clearwater, Fl. It was the easiest money I've ever made!
  2. The Rabbi officiating our wedding "forgot" that it was the day of our ceremony. After calling him at home and after I had consumed a few cocktails, he showed up. Although, he was late and pronounced our last name wrong, it was perfect.
  3. I used to love making movies as a kid. My favorite was called "Teen Problems" where we hung bras from my friends' chandelier. I have yet to go to a party where this happened but I thought it was a regular occurrence when I was younger.
  4. I watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when no one is looking. And I like it.
  5. I love to eat cheesecake but don't do it enough.
  6. I do not love to eat raw onions.
  7. Since having children, I have become slightly paranoid of germs. I carry wet wipes with me everywhere and have been known to chase people with hand sanitizer which we lovingly refer to as hanitizer in my house.
  8. I love making up annoying and bizarre songs that make no sense. Some of my oldies but goodies are "Dung Dung Dung Dung Dungarees", "Choking my Chicken", "Kind Sister with an Attitude" and "Beaver Toast". I am happy to sing any of them upon request.
  9. In airports, I get really irritated when people talk really loudly on their cell phones, suck water from a bottle with a sports top as if he or she is an abandoned baby dolphin needing to be bottle fed, and stab their ice violently with a straw in their grande iced beverage.
  10. I prefer big cotton underwear. And I don't trust a woman who says they prefer  g-strings.
  11. I get uncomfortable when people say the words, "Making Love."
  12. My idea of a perfect morning is first snuggling with my baby girl and then when she is napping, enjoying a cup of coffee, lighting a candle, opening the door a bit to hear the singing birds, and writing for as long as I can.
  13. I crave quiet time and like to give myself time outs especially when someone in my house is whining.
  14. I love to use the word pantyhose in sentences. Fortunately, I haven't worn them since I was on the "pom line" (read I wasn't good enough to be a cheerleader) in 8th grade.
  15. I never want a surprise party. Really. A surprise vacation, maybe. Or a surprise visit from a friend, yes!
  16. I hug trees. There is one down the street that I have a particularly intimate connection with. I realize that sounds odd but it is innocent.
  17. I dream of owning a restaurant with great lighting, food, and music. And or a lavender farm.
  18. I was a massage therapist for a very short time.
  19. I would rather do everything outdoors.
  20. I am more of a morning person.
  21. I went skydiving in Monterrey, California with my husband when we in our early twenties. I will never do that again.
  22. Once, not too long ago, I ripped my pants when dancing with my neighbors on their front porch.
  23. My baby blankie is my most treasured material item.
  24. I love fireplaces, candles, bonfires and campfires. Speaking of which, when I was in elementary school, I was an Indian Maiden in the "Kickapoo" tribe. One time during a camping trip, we threw popcorn kernels into the campfire to ward off evil spirits. I remember at the time wondering what Orville Redenbacher would think.
  25. I recently found a journal from when I was little. In about 5th grade, I wrote that I wanted to be a counselor or someone who "helped people". I wished for "2 or 3 kids and 3 dogs."