landscape-1445612820-hanson-brothers-1998One summer in college, I went with a friend to get my nose pierced while she got a tattoo of a tree on her back. I worked at a locally owned health food store that summer where I sold a lot of vitamins and St. John's Wort. Between the glistening stud in my nose, my shortish hair cut, and my fondness for L.L Bean (what was up with wearing tee shirts two sizes too big?), I suppose I wasn't a vision of sophistication or femininity. But when a middle aged woman with a kind face told me I resembled one of the Hansen brothers while scanning her groceries, I thought I might pass out from humiliation. I don't like to give advice because it's annoying. BUT I think we should all make a pact and try and refrain from telling women in college that they look like prepubescent boys.