Thank you

Dear friends,

It is the end of the school year and most of us are beat and ready to chill. As I reflect back on the past year, I realize that without you, I would be suffocating in a pile of dirty clothes or crying into a bag of crunchy orange cheese doodles, the kind in the blue bag with the colorful confetti that only seems to be sold in New Jersey. So thank you…

for making me feel better when I told you that I called my daughter an ass or something even more repelling and you said in response, “That’s nothing, I called mine far worse.”

for feeding my family soup, cookies, brownies, Turkish treats, etc. You literally sustained my family - both nutritionally and emotionally.

for driving my kids, having them over, and watching them play sports or recite lines in a play or speech and then telling them something kind directly to their little sweet faces. Kids can never have too many caring, doting adults in their lives.

for checking in, texting, asking how I am, and then actually listening to my response. Listening is the best gift of all.

for taking the time when there wasn’t any and extending an invite for a walk, lunch, dinner, or a drink be it tea, coffee or wine.

speaking of wine…thank you for bringing over a really nice bottle that you were saving for a special occasion and deciding that a random rainy Thursday evening was special enough.

for understanding and not judging me when I needed a night in or a day in to shamelessly watch t.v. during the middle of a beautiful, sunny day.

for entertaining my kids when I needed a time out, for sharing your seemingly endless supply of mini muffins and for coming over when my husband forgets to pick up the dog at the groomer.

for volunteering on field trips. Or volunteering at school to clean the kitchen or the library.

for being a baseball and or soccer mom and being really organized with snacks and just being good at life in general. I apologize after all of these years for still not knowing what number jersey your child is or what the hell is going on on the field which often plays out like this: You: “What did I miss?” Me: Oh nothing. Other mom in the stands: “Actually, your precious Johnny, just scored a home run!”

for admitting your struggles, imperfections, flaws, screw ups, and triumphs with me all while my youngest is lifting up my dress exposing my big cotton underwear.

for saying hi even though you don’t really know me but you are kind enough to widen your circle and welcome me with open arms making me feel less like a lonely middle schooler and more like someone who belongs.

and for telling me I look good even though I have spinach, chocolate, and chia seeds in my teeth, my clothes are inside out and I have popped a button on my pants. At least I ate chia seeds.

I could not mother without you. I am a good mother because of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you and being here. I promise to try and keep showing up. I am so thankful for you. Please enjoy your summer! May it be restful, relaxing, sunny, and fun filled. You deserve it all.